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  • SCSD Families,

    Here are a few important updates to share with you.

    To clarify, the decision to go to a combination of using Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) “virtual learning snow days” and traditional snow days is solely based on not extending our school year into June. We understand this is a change, but the use of virtual learning snow days is the alternative to making up snow days at the end of the year, and this will be our practice as we move forward in the future. Virtual learning (AMI) snow days will be called in advance of inclement weather. Our Board of Education also gave us special approval (due to the challenging aspects of the pandemic) to utilize (up to) 4 traditional snow days (no instruction taking place) when a storm cannot be predicted or a virtual learning snow day was not called for in advance. This time won’t be made up at the end of the year due to the fact that the District is over the minimum time the state requires for student instruction. This is only approved for this year due to the pandemic. More information about the virtual learning snow day learning process will be coming out soon. 

    We are still waiting to receive the official announcement from the St. Charles County Health Department of Public Health on how the county will move forward with quarantining in regards to the new guidance set by the state last week. Any changes/directives made by the county health department will have to be followed. So, we are following the processes already established until an official change has been made. As soon as we have an official announcement to share from the health department we will do so with all of you. An announcement could be coming as early as later today, stay tuned. Our number one priority remains to keep everyone safe as we move forward with providing in-person and virtual learning. 

    As I mentioned in my letter last week, we are preparing for a possible (temporary) strategic move to switching our two high schools to full virtual learning (if needed) in order to provide substitutes and staff at the lower grade levels where in-person learning is most critical as an attempt to keep all other schools open. At this time we are not making that switch between Thanksgiving and winter break. The BOE just approved higher pay for substitutes across the board and we’re actively looking to fill and/or add to our permanent sub group as well. We want to see if these strategic steps (along with the potentially new quarantining protocols) help with filling vacant positions before we go to drastic measures of switching our high schools to full virtual learning. However, I want to make certain everyone knows that it’s still possible that a switch to full virtual learning will be needed at some point. We have to be ready to switch to full virtual (on short notice) if the following occurs.  

    *A significant staffing shortage (due to quarantining) could force our high schools to go full virtual to allow K-8 to stay in-person (shifting support staff and subs). 

    *A school building would need to go full virtual for two weeks if the positive case percentage reaches/surpasses the 5% threshold in that specific building (to keep everyone safe and stop the spread). 

    Regardless of what the new quarantining protocols will be from the health department, we are dedicated to continuing to monitor cases closely and maneuver as needed for individual buildings, grade-spans, and/or the District to keep our in-person learning going and everyone safe. 

    As always, thank you for your continued support.  

    United Together,
    Dr. Jason Sefrit
    Superintendent of Schools

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