• Volunteers:

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the St. Charles School District!

    You can view our current board policy regarding volunteers here. 

    Building principals are responsible for ensuring that volunteers working with students have approved background checks on file. 

    Volunteers who will be left alone with a child and/or supervise an overnight trip must have a complete *fingerprint background check through MACHS. Volunteers needing such a search must complete this google form for instructions. The volunteer is responsible for the cost of the search, which is approximately $45.00, all of which goes to MACHS and not St. Charles School District.


    *Fingerprint background checks are much more comprehensive and accurate than “name searches”. The background check required provides the most comprehensive information, including open and closed records in Missouri, Sex Offender Registry information, and National Criminal Record databases. MACHS FBI fingerprint background checks are mandated by Missouri Statute 168.133.

    MACHS FBI Volunteer Background Checks should be completed every five years. 


    Parents/Guardians wishing to visit the classroom to observe specific academic instruction will contact the school office, providing 24-hour notice and state the purpose of the visit (identify what you wish to accomplish by the visit). The building principal will decide on the approval of the visit based on the purpose of the request. This process is for the protection of all students and the instructional program. Many children in the classroom setting receive special services (ELL, Special Education, Title, Speech, etc.) during the school day due to their individual academic needs, and this information is extremely confidential. Due to FERPA (Federal Law), requests will be closely scrutinized to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our student population, along with their individual programming needs. 

    Visitor/Volunteer Background Guidelines

    Visitors: Individuals who are gaining admittance to the school to be in attendance for an assembly, school event, eat lunch with their child or visiting a class party. Visitors are to check in with a school’s front office staff upon which they will be background checked by the school’s Raptor Visitor Management system which is a free service. 

    Not responsible for supervision of children. Staff present. Visitors should never be alone with students. 

    Raptor Visitor Management System-must submit ID such as a driver’s license. 

    Volunteers: Individuals who may be periodically left alone with students or have access to student records. Volunteers may chaperone students on field trips, tutor, coach, etc.  

    Working with students- possibility of being alone with students. 

    MACHS FBI Background check