• The Curriculum & Instruction Department works to ensure that each child learns and grows every day. The City of St. Charles School District offers a broad range of programs and services to ensure that every student experiences success.
    Early childhood education helps provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Preschool and child care options are available in the district.
    At the elementary level, a full-day kindergarten program provides a solid foundation for future success. Elementary students focus on literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Physical education, art, music, health, library media, character education and technology instruction are also an integral part of the elementary curriculum.
    Secondary instruction builds on the elementary skills providing a breadth of curricular offerings to allow every student a wide range of experiences. Core courses include communication arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Other offerings include music, art, health, foreign language, business/ marketing, library media, family/ consumer sciences, industrial technology, personal finance and physical education.
    Advanced placement classes and dual enrollment courses with universities challenge students to achieve at high levels and provide opportunities for college credit during high school.
    For more information regarding instruction and achievement, please contact the Curriculum & Instruction Department at 636-443-4030. 
    Our Mission 
    The Curriculum and Instruction Department will promote high levels of achievement for all members of the City of St. Charles School District learning community by implementing, assessing and evaluating curriculum and instruction to effectively support the district focus on student learning and performance.
    Our Vision
    An excellent district provides all students with an opportunity to pursue a course of study that enables them to become productive and effective citizens of a global society. The course of study should expand rather than limit students' choices and opportunities. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction envisions a district in which:
    • The curriculum clearly reflects goals that emphasize the nature of the education of the district seeks to provide. These goals are understood and accepted by members of the educational community and promote a focus on the highest standards of academic achievement.
    • A core of common learning is the essential component of the curriculum. This core comprises the majority of the district's graduation requirements.
    • The core curriculum provides for specialized programs and/or services for students with special needs, abilities and/or interests.
    • The curriculum is geared toward student learning outcomes. Student advancement and eventual graduation are based upon demonstrated proficiency.
    • There is a systematic attempt to collect information on student achievement and make adjustments to the curriculum on the basis of the results.
    • There is a continuous effort to seek and consider new ways to achieve the district's goals more effectively. 
    Our Values 
    To ensure continuous improvement of the overall education program we will:
    • Align district curriculum, instruction and assessment to state and national standards.
    • Provide high quality, job-embedded professional development and collaboration opportunities through active professional learning communities at all levels.
    • Conduct systematic qualitative and quantitative evaluations of overall program effectiveness.
    • Create and maintain systems to document the district's ongoing progress toward meeting state accreditation standards. 
    Our Areas of Responsibility 
    • Academic Credit and Graduation Requirements
    • Curricular Programming (K-12)
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Instructional Practices (K-12)
    • Textbooks and Instructional Materials/Resources (K-12)
    • Assessment (K-12)
    • Professional Development (Certified and Support Staff)
    • Administrative Leadership Development
    • Principal Supervision and Evaluation
    • Strategic Planning and School Accreditation
      • Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP)
      • Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
      • School Improvement Plan (SIP)
    • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
    • Federal Programs and Grants
      • Electronic Planning and Electronic Grants System (ePeGS)
    • Summer School
    • Alternative School Programming
      • Missouri Options Program
    • At Risk/Student Interventions
    • Advanced Placement
    • MoVIP
    • District and School Handbooks
    • A+ Schools Program
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Character Education
    • English Language Learners
    • Gifted Program
    • Library Media Centers
    • Home School Credit
    • Student Services