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                                      Casie McKinney                                         Jill Meyer
                                     Registered  Nurse                                       Health Clerk
                                        636-443-4103                                         636-443-4192
                              cmckinney@stcharlessd.org                     jimeyer@stcharlessd.org
    All Seniors have new immunization requirements that must be met before
    they are allowed to attend school
     Please read "Immunization Updates for Seniors!!!! 
    Our school nurseMrs. McKinney, performs a variety of duties at St. Charles High School to keep our students healthy and safe.  She provides direct student care - assessing student health needs, conducts mandatory health screenings, oversees maintenance of student health and immunization records, administers medication, provides emergency first aid to students and staff and works with the Department of Health in the control of communicable diseases. 
    We ask that you keep your student's health and emergency information updated with current names and telephone numbers by contacting Mrs. McKinney at 636-443-4103.  Student Health Information is updated yearly. Please keep your school nurse updated on your child's health status, such as surgeries, medications, illnesses/diseases, new diagnoses, or other conditions that may affect your child's school performance.  
    The St. Charles Health Department offers an Immunization Clinic to all residents.   Click Here to learn more.