• College & Career Information

    Career preparation should start in high school or before, but it shouldn’t end with graduation: Most occupations require some type of training or education after high school. On-the-job training, apprenticeships, non-degree awards, and various levels of college degrees are typically required for entry-level jobs.

    Which type of training you need depends on the career you want to pursue.  The St. Charles School District offers technical training in many fields at Lewis & Clark.  Testing for Lewis & Clark takes place during your Sophomore year.  

    Many students choose to begin their college career at St. Charles Community College. This gives them the opportunity to take general ed classes while continuing to explore all options for a career.  

    Those students who are headed to a 4 year university need to make sure their high school schedule reflects the classes universities are seeking.  College level and AP classes need to be highly considered if you plan on attending a 4 year university.

    Getting a solid education is an important foundation for any career. Workers in many occupations use problem-solving, communication, research, and other skills that they first learned in high school. By doing well in classes and taking part in career-training or college-preparation programs, you demonstrate that you’re ready to put these skills into action.