• Graduation Requirements
     Category  Units of Credit 
    Social Studies
    Fine Arts 
    Practical Arts 
    Physical Education 
    Computer Applications  .5 
    Personal Finance  .5 
    Health  .5 
    Electives  10.5
    Specific Units Include
    English  1, 2, English electives 2 units
    Social Studies 1 Government, 1 World Civilization, 1 U.S. History
    Math 3 units
    Science 3 units
    Fine Arts 1 from the areas of Art, Music or Drama 
    Practical Arts  1 from areas of Business Education, Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Industrial Technology, Marketing or Lewis and Clark Career Center 
    Physical Education  1 unit
    Computer Applications  .5 unit
    Personal Finance   .5 unit
    Health   .5 unit
    Students must pass the Missouri Constitution Test and U.S. Constitution Test. EOCs are also required for certain classes.
    1. Seniors must be responsible for graduation requirements. If there is any doubt whether graduation requirements are being met, see your counselor.

    2. Students cannot earn credit in any course twice. Exceptions would include classes in Career College Readiness, Science Research, Music, Debate, Newspaper Production, Yearbook Production, Advanced Leadership Lab, Rhythmic Movement, Core Conditioning, Fitness Walking, Strength Training, Team Sports, Recreational Games, Gifted Exploration and Expansion, Actor's Studio, Technical Theater, Broadcast Media, Video Production Technology, Advanced Design & Machine Process and Advanced Technological Solutions.

    3. Course selection should be given careful consideration. Students will not be allowed to change classes unless there is a justifiable reason.

    Click here to see the Board of Education's IKF graduation requirements