Peanuts: We have students attending our school that have serious, life-threatening allergies to peanut products. We have strategies in place to provide the safest environment posible for these students. Peanut-restricted hallways and classrooms are required. There is a designated peanut restricted zone in the cafeteria. Peanut products are allowed in the cafeteria, but NOT in the peanut restricted zone. NO peanut products are to be sold in the school including fundraisers & concession stands. Please remember that NO eating of peanut products is allowed on buses including before/after school, field trips and travel to extra curricular activities.

    We ask that NO perfumes or scented body sprays be sprayed in the classrooms or hallways due to allergies. 

    Student Health Information
    If you feel you need to update your child's health information any time through out the school year including allergies and medications fill out a new form and send it school. It is very important that we have the latest information to help treat your child better. There are extra forms in the turnstyle in front of the main office or you can contact the school nurse.
    : The information is not kept as part of their permanent file. Please make sure we have at least 1 'non-parent' emergency contact which allows me to release your son or daughter to them, IF they become sick or injured at school if you are not available.

    Reminder: All seniors need a meningitis (MCV4) vaccine before they start their Senior school year. This MUST have been given after the age of 16 and a copy should be turned in to the health clinic here at school. If you have questions or need a copy of your vaccination record, contact the school nurse at 636.443.4250. Our fax number is: 636.443-4201.