• QUEST... a Quest Using Excelled Skills and Talents

    Grades 5-6, Jefferson Intermediate School

    QUEST is the second GATE in the Gifted and Talented Education Studies (GATES) program. This program is offered to identified Gifted and Talented students at the fifth and sixth grade level. Currently, this program is offered as a half-day pull-out program once each week.

    The QUEST program is designed to encourage students to explore interests and develop lifelong skills. We promote this exploration through observation and inquiry. Creative problem solving, research, and teamwork skills are developed as students work on individual and small group investigations.

    Within every area, critical thinking and affective awareness are practiced. Participation in competitions is offered as a motivating tool in the learning process. The units for the fifth and sixth grade program are interdisciplinary in nature and offer elements from the four core education areas, along with creative and fine arts elements.

    Technology is used, as appropriate, with various units. Students become familiar with software such as PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Movie Maker, and web-based tools, and have access to computers, SMART Board technology, scanners, digital photography, and video. Creative and multifaceted presentations are encouraged.