• GEE: Gifted Exploration and Expansion
    Grades 9-12, SCHS and SCW

    This course is an elective designed to provide in-depth exploration of post-high school opportunities, research and develop possible solutions to Real World Challenges, allow expression of their giftedness within and without the school environment, and enter into mentorship programs.

    Students will explore their strengths/weaknesses, personality styles, and interests in relationship to post-high school. In demonstrating their individuality, they will develop a personal portfolio. After researching Real World Challenges, they will propose and implement possible solutions. Advocacy skills will be developed and academic/scholarship competitions explored by interested students. Mentorship will be based on student passion.

    Program expectations will advance commensurate with student growth. The curriculum will be individualized based on student need, interest, and other academic course expectations. Students are encouraged to enroll both semesters to allow for development of long-term projects such as putting into action a solution that correlates with a Real World Challenge.

    Students must meet the criteria for identification as gifted as established by the state of Missouri. Students may take this course more than once for elective credit.