• Transfer Student Policy

    The Transfer Student Policy for the City of St. Charles School District will follow DESE Guidelines for Gifted and Talented Programs. The DESE Policy for Transfer Students is stated below:

    DESE Transfer Gifted Students Policy:

    Students who transfer to a school with a gifted program shall be placed in the receiving district's program if all of the following conditions are met:

    • The student must previously have been placed in a gifted program in a Missouri school.

    • The areas address by the two programs must be similar: i.e., both are general academic programs; both are fine arts programs; or both are specific academic programs.

    • The student meets or exceeds the selection criteria established by the receiving school for placement in its gifted program.

    • The student and parents agree to such placement.

    Out of State Transfer of Gifted Students:

    Students who transfer from out of state will be evaluated on an individual basis. There is a possibility out of state transfer students will need to participate in the district screening and testing process.

    Transfer Students Not Previously Identified as Gifted

    Transfer students who have not previously been identified as gifted may be nominated for testing by a parent or guardian. The nominated student will participate in the gifted screening and testing process/schedule, according to their current grade.