• Notification of Rights to Parents, Guardians and Students
    Under Missouri's "Sunshine" law, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and under Board Policy JO-R, KI and JHDA, district parents, guardians and students are entitled to be notified annually of certain rights regarding the disclosure of key information. The following notifications are intended to comply with those requirements.
    A. Directory Information: By law, the district hereby notifies parents of its intent to consider the information listed below as "Directory Information." Such information is not generally considered to be harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Further, such information is considered "public record" and must be released by the district to any person who requests it under the Missouri Sunshine Law (610.010.030, RsMo).
    Directory Information:
       1. Student's Name
       2. Personal Information
       3. Grade Level/Enrollment Status
       4. Participation in Officially Recognize Activities and Sports
       5. Photograph
       6. Date/Place of Birth
       7. Weight and Height of Members of Athletic Teams
       8. Enrollment Status
       9. Grade Level/Dates of Attendance
       10. Field of Study/Degrees Received
       11. Honors and Awards Received
       12. Most Recent Previous Schools Attended
    Parents and/or eligible students have ten (10) schools days after this notice to inform the district in writing that they choose to not have any or all of the directory information listed above released. Unless notified to the contrary, the district will disclose any of the above listed information without the parent's or eligible student's prior written consent.
    B. Required Disclosure: Parents are notified that the district is required to release a junior or senior student's name, address and telephone number to military recruiters and institutions of higher education upon request. Parents may request that the district not release this information in writing, and the district will comply with this request.
    C. Sale or Marketing: As a rule, the district does not collect and disclose personal or directory information, or disclose previously collected personal or directory information, for marketing or sale (by the district or by others). Should a marketing or sale-related release of information be considered by the district, parents would be notified as to when the release would be scheduled or expected to be scheduled. Parents may inspect any instruments to be used to collect such information, and would be offered the opportunity to opt their student out of such an activity at that time.
    Exceptions to this policy include the following: 
       1. College, Other Post Secondary and Military Recruitment
       2. Book Clubs and Other Programs Providing Access to Low Cost Literary Products
       3. Curriculum and Instructional Materials Used by Schools
       4. Certain Tests and Assessments Used by Schools
       5. The Sale of Products or Services to Raise Funds for Schools
       6. Student Recognition Programs
    For purposes for this policy, "personal information" means individually identifiable information, to include a student's and parent's first and last name.
    D. Surveying Students: Occasionally, the district is asked or required to survey students. Parents may inspect upon request, a survey created by a third party before the survey is administered to their child. Occasionally, surveys fully or partially funded by the U.S. Department of Education may be administered. No child will be required to submit to a survey that reveals information concerning:
       1. Political Affiliation
       2. Mental or Psychological Problems of Student or Family
       3. Sexual Behavior or Attitudes
       4. Illegal, Anti-social, Self-incriminating, or Demeaning Behavior
       5. Critical Appraisals of Others With Whom Respondents Have Close Family
       6. Legally Recognized Privileged or Analogous Relationships
       7. Religious Practices, Affiliations or Beliefs
       8. Income (Other Than Needed to Determine Eligibility to Participate in Federal
    If a survey is administered containing any of the above eight areas of information, the district will take measures to protect the identification and privacy of students participating. Parents may opt students out of participation in surveys containing one or more of the eight issues listed above.
    E. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): FERPA affords parents and students over 18 certain rights with respect to education records. These include:
       1. The Right to Inspect records Within 45 Days of Receiving a Written Request
       2. The Right to Amend Student Records That a Parent or Eligible Student Feels are
           Inaccurate or Misleading
       3. The Right to Consent to Disclosures of Personally Identifiable Information Contained
           in the Student's Educational Records, Except to the Extent That FERPA Authorizes
           Disclosure Without Consent
       4. The Right to File a Complaint to the US Department of Education or to the
           Appropriate School Official Concerning Alleged Failures by the School to Comply
           with FERPA Requirements
    F. No Child Left Behind (ESEA, amended 2001): ESEA affords parents certain notification rights. These include:
       1. Parents have the right to request to know the professional qualifications of their
           child's instructor
       2. Parents must be given timely notification if their child is being taught for four or more
           weeks by a teacher who is not properly certified.
       3. Parents must be given a variety of data concerning desegregated test scores and
           teacher certification through the district's Annual Report.