• Early Childhood Clinic must have a way of reaching parents during school hours at all times. Please keep the office updated with any changes in emergency contact information.

    General School Health Guidelines

    • Never send an obviously sick child to school.Bear
    • A child with a sore throat, severe cough, earache, vomiting, or a fever over 100 degrees within the past 24 hours, should not be sent to school.
    • A child with a contagious disease may not come to school until completely well. Proof of treatment may be required.
    • A child with head lice may not attend school. The child must be examined by the nurse/clerk before he/she is allowed to return to the classroom. Proof of treatment may be required.  Please notify the school immediately if your child has head lice.
    • If your child has been ill, please use common sense and good judgment as to whether or not to send him/her back to school.
    • Any child with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home. He/she must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication (ibuprofen, Tylenol) before returning to school.
    • Students are not allowed to keep prescription or non-prescription medications with them while at school.
    • Inform the clinic immediately of any new health information that may affect your child at  school;  for  example,  diabetes,  seizure  disorder,  asthma,  contagious disease, new or change in medications.