• SCSD Families,

    At our Board of Education meeting last evening, the BOE approved the following to take place for the next (approximate) 30 days, until the next BOE meeting in November. 

    • The Early Childhood program will continue to have certain adaptations to protocols that are age appropriate for ECC students.
    • K-8 grades will continue to have a mask mandate protocol for both students and staff.
    • The federal mask mandate on all buses will remain for all students and staff.
    • Grades 9-12 will have a mask optional protocol for both students and staff. 
    • 9-12 mask optional change is effective Monday 10-18-21. This includes both high schools, Success Campus, Lewis & Clark, and CAPS (certain strands). 
    • All unvaccinated 9-12 students and staff will still be advised but, not mandated, to wear a mask.
    • Mask optional protocol has a 4% threshold (COVID positive/probable cases) to go back to full masks in a given school building. This is at the discretion of the Superintendent and can be enacted immediately.
    • New modified quarantine protocol from the St. Charles County Health allows for students who are wearing a mask when exposed to a positive case at school to still attend school even if the positive person was not wearing a mask at the time as long as they continue to wear a mask during the 14 day modified quarantine and do not experience any COVID symptoms.  This modified protocol still excludes students from attending sporting events and extra curricular activities during a modified quarantine. 
    • The St. Charles County Health Department is considering a new quarantine modification that may allow students to participate in sports and activities with specific testing protocols.  Please be on the lookout for more information regarding this new modification.
    • Starting Monday, masks will be optional at activities and sporting events at the 9-12 grade level. Unvaccinated patrons and students who have not reached high school age are advised, but not mandated, to wear masks at high school sporting events and activities.
    • Starting Monday, masks will be optional in buildings that don't primarily have students (maintenance/transportation & Benton/Administration). However, all unvaccinated staff and visitors are advised to wear a mask at all times inside District buildings. 

    It’s imperative that we all continue self-checks/assessments BEFORE staff and students attend school each day AND during the first 15 minutes of each day as well. This is a very important part of keeping illness out of the buildings and/or isolated. Please, do NOT come to school if you feel sick in any way. 

    The combination of wearing masks and having a high level of eligible students vaccinated continues to be the answer to keeping students safe and in school. The only way a student will miss school due to COVID is being isolated due to a positive test result or being quarantined due to an exposure (without a mask on and not vaccinated). 

    As always...Let’s stay united, positive, and supportive as we continue to bring our BEST everyday!

    Dr. Jason Sefrit
    Superintendent of Schools