• Below is the official language voters will see on the April 6th, 2021 ballot when voting on Proposition SCSD.



    Shall the Board of Education of the School District of the City of St. Charles, Missouri, borrow money in the amount of Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000) for the purpose of constructing, renovating, repairing, improving, furnishing and equipping school sites, buildings and related facilities, including (1) improving learning resources by upgrading technology throughout the District, (2) maintaining school facilities by continuing to fund capital repairs and improvements, (3) implementing and improving safety and security measures District-wide and (4) making energy efficient and conservation improvements to District buildings, and issue general obligation bonds for the payment thereof, resulting in no estimated increase in the debt service property tax levy? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the District is estimated to remain unchanged at seventy-five cents ($0.75) per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real and personal property.