• BE PREPARED TO PURCHASE THESE ITEMS THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL.  Items with an * may be purchased through the school or the instructor wants to talk to you before you purchase.



     *Safety glasses, steel toed shoes or boots, appropriate work clothes, and three-ring notebook. Brick   spacing rule, brick hammer, horse hair brush, and a 3/8” tuck pointer pointing trowel.



    *Safety glasses, appropriate work clothes, safety boots with hard soles, 25’ tape measure, hammer, tool pouch, chalk box, utility knife, hard hat, and speed square.  Supplies will cost approximately $250 depending on quality purchased.



    *Safety glasses, hard hat, leather work boots EH rated with protective toes, 2” three ring binder with paper, pen, pencil, scientific calculator TI-30 or equivalent, appropriate work clothes (including insulated overalls or insulated coveralls), tool pouch/belt, 12’ tape measure, ¼ and 3/16 flat blade screwdrivers, #2 Phillips screwdriver, 12” ruler, lineman pliers, wire strippers,  needle nose pliers, diagonal cutters, conduit reamer, claw hammer, ¼” nut driver, 5/16” nut driver, non-contact volt voltage tester, an Uglie’s handbook, sharpie pen, and a level.  Supplies will cost approximately $150 excluding the work boots. 



    *Safety glasses, leather shoes, two-piece uniform.  DO NOT BUY anything until the first day of class and you have discussed the uniforms with the instructor.  E.P.A. Certification is needed to earn a Lewis & Clark Career Center Certificate of Completion.  The cost of this test is approximately $55.