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Mr. Joshua Blattner


Mr. Blattner is a proud alumnus of Fort Zumwalt North High School and Lindenwood University.  Mr. Blattner pursued a successful career in financial services until the tug of the family bloodline pulled him into the masonry field.  As a fourth generation St. Louis mason and a journeyman bricklayer, Mr. Blattner was a partner in a residential bricklaying company for 16 years with his father.  A combination of the housing recession and a timely opening at Lewis & Clark spurred Mr. Blattner to begin what has become a very successful and rewarding teaching career.  Since beginning at Lewis & Clark in 2010, Mr. Blattner has pushed his students to use a wide variety of brick and stone on the Lewis & Clark houses and has had the privilege of supervising his students on monument projects at Ballpark Village and at the Daniel Boone home.  Five different years his students have competed nationally in a SkillsUSA masonry competition and finished in the top ten each time.  Recently, Mr. Blattner had the honor of being chosen as a judge at the World Championships of bricklaying - the Bricklayer 500 - in Las Vegas.    

When Mr. Blattner is not teaching at Lewis & Clark, he is busy with his wife and two children.  He still keeps his hand in residential construction and directs and manages a small custom bricklaying crew.  When he has the time, you’ll find Mr. Blattner fishing.

“I’m very proud of my students and the program at Lewis & Clark.  We work extremely hard every day, but it pays off in the end when contractors are competing for my students!  It’s my favorite part of teaching - seeing them graduate and begin successful careers.  It makes all the sweat and hard work worth it.”

  • 2 year program; 3 units of credit per year
    This program is designed to prepare students for apprenticeship or entry-level jobs in masonry construction.  Students will learn to lay brick and block in various bond patterns used in commercial and residential construction.  Course will include construction techniques for building fireplaces and chimneys, arches, special wall openings, double wythe and reinforced masonry, wall anchoring systems, flashings and prevention of water penetration and masonry paving.   Students will also gain knowledge of various types of stone construction and tuckpointing.
    Units of study will cover safety practices and procedures; tools and equipment used in masonry construction, properties, sizes and uses of clay and concrete masonry units; experience in laying brick, block and stone in various bond patterns; reinforced masonry walls; masonry veneer construction; layout and construction of fireplaces and chimneys; mathematics for masonry and measuring systems; blueprint reading and construction plans.
    Students must be able to work at heights on scaffolds, lift and handle heavy materials, work in group situations as a team member, follow instructions and accomplish all tasks in an accurate and safe manner. 
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