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Mr. Richard Earley


Mr. Earley joined the Lewis & Clark staff in the 2022-2023 school year.  Mr. Earley arrived here with a rare combination: years of success in the computer software and programming industry as well as several years as an effective educator as both a middle and elementary school teacher.


Mr. Earley is a Simi Valley, California native who moved to Missouri for pre-seminary studies at St. Mary’s College in Perryville, Missouri which closed in the 1980s.  After graduation, he taught in Catholic schools in St. Louis City and in Perryville before moving to California to work for another college called St. John’s as an IT director for a couple of years.  He then worked for a defense contractor as a software development manager/programmer as well as for an educational publisher.  

In 2003, he went back to the classroom as a middle school teacher teaching various subjects including computer science.  While teaching, he completed his master’s in instructional technology from Chapman University.  From 2008 - 2018, Mr. Earley became the senior software engineer for the San Bernardino County school system where he worked on their business systems and other administrative applications needed for the district.  After “retiring” from his professional life in California, Mr. Earley moved back to Missouri and taught three years in Ferguson before moving to Lewis & Clark.

Mr. Earley enjoys sailing on the California coast during his summers.  He is also a classically trained pianist and directs a gospel choir in a church in North County.  He has two adult children.

This opportunity to share my experience with students in a hands-on learning environment has really allowed me to see the teaching/learning world in a new light.  Lewis & Clark is an oasis in the storm of Education today and gives students such a great head start toward life and their careers.”

  • 1 or 2 year program; 3 units of credit per year

    The Computer Software Development program  is a great fit for the analytical student who has a love for computers. Computer programmers use logic and reasoning to identify complex problems and create innovative solutions. Projected occupational demand is high, and the pay is very good.

    One year of the program there will be an emphasis on software development. The Linux operating system will be utilized.  Students will learn how to write and edit source code using programming languages including Java and Python. Students will design, create, and maintain PC software, mobile apps,  and will also have the opportunity to publish their app in the Google Play Store. The other year will concentrate on the Windows operating system. Content will include 2D and 3D graphics, animation, robotics, web pages, database design, and Structured Query Language (SQL).

     Articulating Institutions & Credits Offered:  St. Charles Community College; up to 6 credits

    Employment Opportunities:  This is an in-demand field and skills learned here are applicable to many different workplace environments, including, but not limited to, the following career options: Computer Programmer, Software Developer/Apps, Web Developer, Network/Computer Systems Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst, Software Tester, User Interface Specialist, Software Analyst.

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