• Step 1

    Visit our District Map or the Bus Routes page to locate your school attendance area.

    Step 2

    Gather the following items:

    • Certified Birth Certificate

    • Immunization Record: The school nurse will review the record and advise parents if additional immunizations will be needed.

    • Parent/Guardian Current Driver's License or Government Issued ID

    Step 3

    Gather proof of residency documents. St. Charles School District must comply with Missouri Law (RsMo.167.151), which states that a student must live within a school district's boundaries in order to attend that district's public schools. According to this same law, a student may not establish residency away from a legal guardian or parent for the sole purpose of enrolling in a particular district. Missouri law provides that any person who knowingly submits false information with respect to satisfying the residency requirements is guilty of a “Class A" misdemeanor - Mo. Rev. Stat. 167.020.4. 

    List A (Please provide one item that clearly shows your name, address, and date)

    • Current mortgage statement

    • Unexpired lease agreement (signed by landlord and tenant)

    • Current paid real estate tax receipt

    • Current homeowner's insurance (including declarations page)

    List B (Please provide one item that clearly shows your name, address, and date) 

    • Electric, gas, or water bill

    • Bank or credit card statement

    • Personal property tax receipt

    • Other recent legal document (ie. social security)

    Utility bills must be dated within the past 30 days.  If you recently moved and haven't received a utility bill, you'll need to request a "Service Verification Letter" from the utility company and provide a utility bill within 30 days.


    Step 4

    Complete Online Registration by using the links below:

    ENGLISH – https://enrollment.powerschool.com/family/gosnap.aspx?action=200002857&culture=en 

    ESPANOL – https://enrollment.powerschool.com/family/gosnap.aspx?action=200002857&culture=es

    • Once New Student Enrollment is completed, you will receive an email confirmation from PowerSchool Enrollment to the address provided. 

    • An SCSD Central Enrollment representative will contact you within 48 business hours if additional documents are required before the enrollment can be processed.

    • You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your parent portal, as well as completing additional registration forms. 

    Enrollment is not complete until the forms in your parent portal are complete and approved.

    • Your student(s)’ enrollment will then be sent to the school and an official records request will be sent to their previous school. A school representative (ie. Registrar or Secretary) will contact you.

    Affidavit of Residency 2023-2024

    If the parent/legal guardian ​does not rent or own property in the St. Charles School District​, the parent/legal guardian should email Central Enrollment at enrollment@stcharlessd.org to determine if they are eligible to enroll.

    Special Situation Enrollments

    If any of the following situations pertain to you, please contact Central Enrollment at enrollment@stcharlessd.org before beginning the enrollment process:

    • You have a contract on a house but you have not occupied the residence; or

    • Your name is not on your lease agreement or you do not own your home; or

    • Your student is not living with a parent or court-appointed guardian; or

    • Your student is under Foster Care