• IEP Students
    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is a VRE?


    A VRE is the Vocational Resource Educator of the school. The VRE has three primary duties: 1) serves as a liaison for Lewis & Clark and all partner schools for IEP meetings, 2) serves as a counselor for students with IEP's while at Lewis & Clark, and, 3) is responsible for helping meet all modifications and accommodations for the students while placed in our programs.


    2.  How does an IEP work at Lewis & Clark?


    A student's IEP works the same at Lewis & Clark as it does at their home school.  All accommodations and modifications are met within the same guidelines as directed in the IEP. Each student's needs are reviewed individually for the purpose of accommodating the student from their career and technical program into the workforce. 




    3.  What about the testing requirements? Do you take into account a student’s IEP during the entrance test?


    With one program exception (ARBS), all Lewis & Clark applicants are required to take the OASIS (The Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule) test.  It is a nationally normed test designed for students between the 8th grade and 12th grade. It is a test designed to rate students on whether or not they would be successful in the specific programs in which they are applying.  While the directions are read aloud to them, the test is not something that can be read.  Many students with IEPs also take the ACE test.



    4.   What is the ACE test?


    The ACE (Aptitude and Career Exploration) test is a hands-on entrance test that can be applied to work in conjunction with the OASIS test.  It is only available for students with an IEP.  The ACE test is performed at Lewis & Clark and can take up to 100 minutes to complete.  Typically, prospective students come to the career center on their home school’s Lewis & Clark bus and stay for the duration of the ½ day period.


    Students that are typically referred to take the ACE test are IEP students who always use extended time to take a test or students that always have their test read to them. This test does NOT replace the OASIS, but can offer additional support for the student’s application to Lewis & Clark.


    Contact your child’s case manager or the school’s WEC (work experience coordinator) for information on how to have your child ACE tested.