• If you Suspect a Developmental Delay or Disability: 

    If you suspect your child may have a developmental delay or disability, the City of St. Charles School District can open a window of hope for a brighter future. Services at no cost to the family are available to all eligible individuals from age three up to 21 years of age regardless of the severity of their disability. All referrals are considered confidential. All special education services are provided at no cost. If you feel your child is lagging behind in any developmental area, contact us and request a screening appointment. If the screener feels there are areas of concern after the screening, they will refer your child for further evaluation. All test results will be shared with you once they are complete.

    The parent, legal guardian, or surrogate parent retains the right to refuse services and are provided other procedural safeguards under federal and state law. Special education services are available to eligible children and youth identified with a disability that may be experiencing difficulties at school.

    Private and Parochial
    If your child attends a private or parochial school and you suspect a disability, please contact Clarissa Beyer at 636-443-4037 or email cbeyer@stcharlessd.org.
    Homebound Instruction 

    Homebound instruction is one of the services available to students in the St. Charles School District who, because of their medical/disabling condition prevents them from attending school safely. A certified teacher provides services to students in the home setting with parent supervision. A homebound application must be completed by the students attending physician showing diagnosis, reason for confinement, and approximate length homebound instruction will required. The recommendation must be for a minimum of four weeks and no longer than twelve weeks (without a new application for an extension). Homebound applications are available from the Student Services Office; contact Dinah Griesenauer at 443-4036.
    Surrogate Parents

    The St. Charles School District in compliance with state regulations provides surrogate parents to students with disabilities who do not have a parent or legal guardian. Individuals are trained by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and act on behalf of students during school related meetings/conferences. 
    For additional information, please call the office of Student Services at 636-443-4036.