• SCSD parents and community,

    Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) may be utilized in circumstances of emergency or extended closure for the purpose of review and reinforcement of previously taught skills and/or the introduction of new concepts. 

    On days where AMI is assigned, families will be notified through the regular communication channels (phone call, text, social media) utilized by the District and their child’s school. Electronic and/or web-based assignments and materials will be utilized for AMI and students will have access to District-provided devices and hotspots when available. When possible, hard copy assignments will be provided as requested. 

    Student attendance will be recorded on days when AMI is assigned and will be documented by the completion of assignments and/or online participation in activities and assignments. Educators will be available electronically during AMI days for guidance with instruction.

    Virtual Learning Resources for Parents PreK-6th Grade
    Virtual Learning Resources for Parents 7th-12th Grade
    Virtual Parent University (Professional Development Resources for Parents for Virtual Learning)