I was only able to take one year of Auto Collision but I knew this was the trade I would enjoy and wanted to study.  I was able to follow my chosen career path and retired from the Auto Collision field after 33 years of having a steady job and never being laid off.  Thanks to Lewis & Clark, I now have the opportunity to come full circle and help students follow the same career path I enjoyed.
    .....Mike Kuechler, Auto Collision Instructor 
     By attending the career center, I was able to acquire a full time job second semester of my senior year and only attend school on Fridays! Now, with the experience I started with from Lewis & Clark and the experience I have amassed in the following years, I work at Lewis & Clark Career Center.  I have discovered it is also a great place to work!........Sandy Schmidt, Registrar
    I took Drafting at LCCC and we made drawings of building floor plans.  This sparked (no pun intended) my interest in getting into a building trade.  I am now an Electrical Contractor and I am passing that knowledge and spark on to students here at Lewis & Clark Career Center........Jerry Ray, Electrical Trades Instructor
    We are both former students who have come back to Lewis & Clark to teach.  It is where we got our start at investigating the medical field and when the opportunity arose to come back and teach we both jumped at the chance.  This is both of us with OUR instructor from when we attended Lewis & Clark Career Center.
    Kelly Allman, Health Occupations Instructor and Angel Dodson, Health Related Occupations Instructor