• The Curriculum & Instruction Department works to ensure that each child learns and grows every day. The City of St. Charles School District offers a broad range of programs and services to ensure that every student experiences success.
    Early childhood education helps provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Preschool and child care options are available in the district.
    At the elementary level, a full-day kindergarten program provides a solid foundation for future success. Elementary students focus on literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Physical education, art, music, health, library media, character education and technology instruction are also an integral part of the elementary curriculum.
    Secondary instruction builds on the elementary skills providing a breadth of curricular offerings to allow every student a wide range of experiences. Core courses include communication arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Other offerings include music, art, health, foreign language, business/ marketing, library media, family/ consumer sciences, industrial technology, personal finance and physical education.
    Advanced placement classes and dual enrollment courses with are universities challenge students to achieve at high levels and provide opportunities for college credit during high school.
    For more information regarding instruction and achievement, please contact the Curriculum & Instruction Department at 636-443-4030.