• Mission

    The Mission of St. Charles High School is to ensure students learn, grow and succeed.


    Effective learning at St. Charles High School is a combination of student exploration and teacher modeling. A successful learner is motivated, knowledgeable, interactive, and responsible. We value the learning network between students, faculty, parents, and community. We respect diversity in our school population as it enriches our lives, mirrors our world,and reflects our future.


    The purpose of education at St. Charles High School is to provide opportunities for individuals to develop to their greatest potential. In partnership with the community, the school will foster a solid academic foundation, provide a broad choice of academic and extra-curricular programs, and promote high standards for both learners and faculty. Each student will have developed the knowledge and skills to:
    • gather, analyze, and apply information and ideas.
    • effectively communicate and creatively express him/herself within and beyond the classroom.
    • recognize problems and implement solutions.
    • encourage and develop the necessary activities and habits that promote physical and cognitive fitness.
    • effectively demonstrate an understanding of technology.
    • make informed decisions and act as responsible members of society.