• The Early Childhood Curriculumc

    Language/Literacy – Our communication arts curriculum is aligned with the Missouri Early Learning Standards. These standards focus on the areas of listening, speaking, phonological awareness, reading and writing.
         Our classrooms are rich in materials that promote each of these areas.   Children are taught to think, understand, analyze and communicate through activities that could include pretend play, music and movement, book use, language activities, following directions, answering questions, reading environmental print and nursery rhymes.

    Handwriting Get Set for School Readiness & Writing is a program that introduces school readiness for young children through music, movement, building, coloring and multisensory activities.   Children have fun as they develop important skills such as language proficiency, fine and gross motor control, letter and number recognition, counting abilities and social skills.  Writing centers also provide students with a variety of activities involving written communication.

    Math – The preschool math curriculum is aligned with the Missouri Early Learning Standards. This curriculum provides an excellent foundation for mathematical learning and adds to it a literacy component and social learning that will prepare our preschool children for the elementary schools.  Curriculum standards focus on the areas of number and operations, geometry and spatial sense, patterns and relationships, measurement, and exploring data using the Get Set for School Numbers & Math program as a curriculum resource.

    Social/Emotional  –  Through  social  learning,  our  children  develop  knowledge  of themselves as well as others in our world.  Children learn how to exhibit self awareness, develop self control, and increase personal responsibility.  As they build relationships of mutual trust and respect with others, they learn to work cooperatively with their classmates and with the adults in their lives. “Getting along with others” is a key component of a preschool program as children learn how they are a part of a bigger community. Conscious Discipline techniques are emphasized in the classroom to promote social/emotional development.

    Creative Arts -     A focus on music, art, movement, and dramatic play helps our preschoolers learn about rhythms, songs, instruments, art media and materials, finger plays, and pretend play.

    Science  -  Hands-on  learning  opportunities  will  help  students  gain  knowledge  of  the physical world, as well as life and earth sciences. The Nature Unleashed program from the Missouri Department of Conservation is utilized as a curriculum resource. 

    Physical Health and Development - Fine and gross motor control is critical to every child’s development.   Our students will have many opportunities to work on growing strength and dexterity through building, cutting, drawing, stringing beads, painting, manipulating puzzles, etc.  Gross motor skills are developed through running, jumping, climbing, hopping, marching, etc.