• We are currently renting facilities. The link for the form is attached as well as rental fee information. Please reach out to the building you are interested in renting space to check availability.

    A Certificate of Insurance is required. Please email or call Krista Gurley for any certificate questions. kgurley@stcharlessd.org

    All indoor rental agreements in the City of St. Charles School District will follow the current health protocols that are in place, approved by the Board of Education.
    Facilities Usage Forms
  • Community Use of School Facilities
    It is the belief of the Board of Education that the public schools should be one of the centers around which the life of the community revolves. Furthermore, the Board believes the the schools should attempt to meet the needs of the people by providing motivation and leadership for the support of such activities.
    As a service to the community and in accordance with state law, the Board of Education may allow the use of public school facilities by individuals, groups and associations of educational, recreational, social, civic, philanthropic and other similar purposes as the Board deems are for the best interests of the community.
    Permission to use the school facilities will be granted to community organizations and residents by the superintendent, or his or her designee, in keeping with the policies, rules and regulations adopted by the Board. However, such use will not interfere in any way with the regular programs and activities of the school district.
    A rental fee to cover operational costs (heat, lights, etc.) and custodial service will be charged in accordance with a schedule recommended by the superintendent and approved by the Board. The fee will not be charged to any school-related organization. The Board may consider waiving the fee for special public programs.
    Where possible, a certificate of insurance or of hold-harmless agreement shall be provided by the persons or organizations using school facilities. 
    Adopted: 10/14/1993
    Legal Refs: 177.031, RSMo.
    St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Mo.

    Community Use of School Facilities (Cont.)
    It is the belief of the Board of Education that the public schools should be one of the centers around which the life of the community may revolve, and that the schools should attempt to meet the needs of the people, both those of school age and adults, by providing for their motivation and leadership for such activities. Therefore, the following general regulations have been established to govern the use of school facilities by nonschool groups.

    1. The question of whether a proposed use of the premises conforms with the Board of
    Education policies shall be determined by the office of the superintendent or designee.

    2. A fee will be collected from non-school organizations to pay for operational expenses.
    Fees will be paid to the School District of the City of St. Charles, 400 North Sixth Street, St. Charles, Missouri 63301.

    3. The signing of this application is your guarantee to us that you will be responsible for the proper use of the premises, for the orderly conduct of the meetings held under your
    control, and for the prompt payment of any damages to school property while in use by

    4. The superintendent or designee shall have the right to countermand the use of any school premises at any time if it decides it is in the best interest of the schools.

    5. The Board of Education shall at no time and for no purpose surrender its control of the
    school property. All meetings of every character to be held therein shall be held under the
    proper direction of the Board and its officers, and no use of school premises shall be
    granted which may interfere with the ordinary school purposes of such premises.

    6. No fee shall be charged for admission to any function held on school premises except by special permission of the superintendent or designee. This restriction shall not prevent
    groups, societies or associations from requiring of their membership dues to defray their
    expenses or from receiving contributions for the same purpose or from having exclusive
    use of the premises or parts of it for the time the use is permitted.

    7. No apparatus or equipment shall be brought into the school buildings except upon written permission of the superintendent or designee.

    8. Special permission must be received in order to serve refreshments.

    9. The person whose signature appears on the application will be held responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract. This person must be a citizen of the School District of St. Charles. Majority of organization's members must be residents of the St. Charles School District.

    10. No use of equipment in buildings shall be granted unless an instructor, or an attendant, approved by the office of the superintendent or designee shall be in charge.

    11. Buildings will be closed on school holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Washington's birthday and Easter vacation.

    12. When the superintendent has declared the schools "closed" because of inclement weather, the building will not be open.

    13. Any use of additional rooms (not listed on application) will result in additional charge.

    14. A certificate of insurance may be required to accompany your request for building usage.

    Use of Data Processing Equipment

    The placement of data processing equipment in the technical school facilities was made possible through the use of funds provided by the federal and state governments matching local school funds.

    The stipulation for participating in federal funding requires that facilities and equipment purchased under this program be used primarily for the training of high school youth, out-of-school youth and adults.

    In view of this directive any school activity shall always have priority over any nonschool activity. The administrative officials of the school shall have the right to determine what constitutes priorities within each group.

    Any non-school group or person, when authorized to use the technical school facilities and equipment, shall agree to and abide by rules and regulations of the Board of Education.

    Eligible individuals or groups shall use facilities and equipment only when a school official or area training instructor is present.

    Approved: 01/18/1994, Last Revised: 09/10/1997
    St. Charles School District, St. Charles, Mo.