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SCW alum Duncan earns Girl Scout Gold Award

SCW alum Laraya DuncanCongratulations to 2023 SCW graduate Laraya Duncan on earning the Girl Scout Gold Award! After recognizing the decline in the bat population in Missouri, Duncan decided to educate the community on this often-overlooked topic to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. She constructed seven bat houses using donated materials to provide a safe environment for the species to raise their young. Once the bat houses were complete, Duncan installed five houses at two Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri camp properties and placed the other two at a neighbor’s farm.
Duncan also created a brochure and a flyer on the importance of bat housing and the adverse effects pesticides can have on animals. Duncan placed the literature at all three camp properties so fellow Girl Scouts can access the information. Duncan also met with a younger Girl Scout troop to present the bat houses and share her knowledge of bats. Girl Scout camp rangers will maintain Duncan’s bat houses in the future.
We're so proud of Laraya's accomplishment and her dedication to improving our world!