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SCSD April Teacher Proud Feature

BLK KDG Teacher Margaret BlackburnThe City of St. Charles School District is excited to take part in the “STL Teacher Proud” campaign, an effort to highlight the amazing teachers who choose to serve the St. Louis community and inspire others to join the noble profession of teaching. On the second Tuesday of each month, we’ll highlight an SCSD teacher who chooses to make a difference every day.

Margaret Blackburn is a kindergarten teacher at Blackhurst Elementary. She has spent the entirety of her fourteen-year teaching career at the City of St. Charles School District, a fact that makes her proud. Blackburn spent her first two years at Null Elementary and moved to Blackhurst Elementary when the school reopened back in 2011.

Blackburn cites her family’s ties to education as a major factor in her decision to become a teacher.

“I have been surrounded by family members who were educators, and I have had many influential educators in my life,” Blackburn said. “My dad was a middle school administrator and  My stepmom was a music teacher and middle school counselor. I had many educators who helped to make my school journey a positive experience. When making a career choice, I could not think of a better career for me than teaching.”

Blackburn views the importance of teaching from a large lens. She believes that impact a teacher has reverberates beyond just the students in their classroom. 

“My greatest contribution to education is my dedication to not only my students and their families, but also our staff and my school community as a whole,” Blackburn said. “I know that we can make what seems impossible, possible.”

While Blackburn sees the big picture when it comes to teaching, her one-step-at-a-time approach allows her to connect with her students.

“Give every day a fresh start,” Blackburn said. “As a kindergarten teacher, I am given the opportunity every day to support my students in growing a love for learning and school. I strive to be the best educator I can be for the students I interact with on a daily basis. I support my students in building a foundation of the social skills they need to be successful in their school journey, growing friendships, and their personal life.”

For those considering teaching as a career choice, Blackburn has some great advice.

“Have fun and laugh with your students and colleagues,” Blackburn said. “Celebrate successes big and small in your classroom and in your school community. Do not be afraid to seek help and advice whenever you need it. Always remember, it is okay to make mistakes.”

Thank you to Margaret Blackburn and all of our SCSD teachers for making a difference in our community. 

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