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SCSD Football Game Admittance Policy

SCSD parents and guardians,

Few things are more galvanizing for a community than high school athletics. Our student-athletes enjoy and thrive off the support from their fellow students, parents and the community. While we strongly encourage all members of our community to attend athletic events, we also want to ensure a safe atmosphere.

In order to continue to provide and maintain a safe and positive environment for our patrons at home football games, we will be continuing our admittance procedures that were installed last season at both SCHS and SCW. While we continue to welcome all students to attend our high school football games, we want to create the best possible environment and believe this policy ensures everyone's safety and well-being.


8th grade students and younger need to be accompanied by an adult in order to gain entrance into the stadium and the adult will be responsible for the students who they bring to the game. It is important that school personnel managing the event have the ability to contact an adult on site if there is a concern.

Both high school stadiums will have signs indicating gates/procedures for student entrance. At these entrances, Hardin Middle and/or Jefferson Intermediate Admin staff will be present to assist in the admittance of students and their accompanying adult.  

All attending students are expected to demonstrate safe behavior while attending home football games. For everyone’s safety, students are encouraged to observe the game from the stands and to refrain from activities that would encourage running and throwing of objects. 

Once the game has ended, students will need to exit the stadium with their responsible adult or wait outside of the stadium for a parent / guardian to pick them up. 
These safety expectations are present at both high schools, St. Charles High and St. Charles West, at all home football games and will be explained to the students as well. In the event that a student is disruptive, fails to follow directions or is disrespectful, adults responsible for the student will be contacted and appropriate actions will be taken.


Thank you in advance for helping make the City of St. Charles School District’s events fun, safe and enjoyable for everyone. 


Dr. Jason Sefrit

City of St. Charles School District Superintendent