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Lincoln Blue Ribbon Finalist

lbr The City of St. Charles School District is proud to announce that Lincoln Elementary has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon finalist by the U.S. Department of Education. The school was notified of this achievement earlier last month and it was announced by the District during its board of education meeting on February 13th.

“Being a National Blue Ribbon nominee means a great deal to our school community,” said Julie Williams, Lincoln Elementary principal. “Lincoln is nominated in the area of exemplary high performance which means we are in the top 15% of the state. Everything we do is to set our students up for success and to be recognized and nominated for an award that is focused on our main purpose is affirming and a great compliment to our team.”

Lincoln Elementary is just one of seven elementary schools in the state of Missouri that have been named a finalist for the National Blue Ribbon. In 2019, only 8 K-12 schools in the state earned the distinction of being a National Blue Ribbon School. 

Going forward, Lincoln Elementary will go through an evaluation process in the coming months with National Blue Ribbon award winners being announced by the U.S. Department of Education in September 2020. Until then, Williams and her staff will continue to foster the environment that helped them earn this nomination.

“Lincoln is a special place and the amount of love, care and belief that our staff has for each student is special,” Williams said. “You can feel it when you enter the building, you can see it in our students' and staff behavior and you can see it in our results.”