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Letter from Dr. Sefrit 6/4/20

SCSD families,

During the past week, we have witnessed sweeping protests across our country and in our community to bring attention to the issues of systemic racism and the senseless loss of life. As a cornerstone of this community, it's important that we as a District take time to communicate with our community about the societal challenges we face together.

I want to state clearly that racism and hatred have no place in our school district. As a district whose mission is to reach, teach, and empower all students, it pains us to think we have students who may grow up feeling unsafe for simply being who they are. That’s why we strive everyday to make sure every student, and in this instance minority students, feel(s) truly valued, supported, and loved. 

As we move forward as a District, our job is to listen. We will listen to our families on how we can support them more. We will listen to our students of color about their experiences in our district and what we can do to improve that experience. We will listen to our minority staff members about their views on the culture of our district to help ensure they have a rewarding experience as a member of our team, so that the diversity of our community is reflected in the diversity of our staff. It is in our diversity where we find our true strength. 

Every child deserves to feel the school they attend is a beacon of safety, knowledge, and hope: a hope that the future is better than the past; a hope that reassures they belong here; a hope that reaffirms who they are as an individual. Their hope is our hope.

The City of St. Charles School District will continue to do everything in its power to instill a true sense of equality and self-worth into each and every student who walks through our doors. We are united and we will not let racism or any form of hatred derail our effort towards progress. We love our students, and I am truly proud to serve this wonderful, diverse family we call the City of St. Charles School District.

United Together,
Dr. Jason Sefrit
Superintendent of Schools