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SCD Nov. Teacher Proud Highlight

Sandy LooneyThe City of St. Charles School District is excited to take part in the “STL Teacher Proud” campaign, an effort to highlight the amazing teachers who choose to serve the St. Louis community and inspire others to join the noble profession of teaching. On the second Tuesday of each month, we’ll highlight an SCSD teacher who chooses to make a difference every day.

Sandy Looney is a high school science teacher for the Success Campus, SCSD’s alternative education center that provides a smaller learning environment for students who are considered credit-deficient. She has been teaching for seven years, but has served the SCSD community for 17 years working as a paraprofessional before transitioning to teaching. 

“I was in the mental health field when I graduated college knowing that I wanted to help and work with children,” Loony said. “I felt that I could help children on a more daily basis if I was in the education field.”

Throughout her years as an educator, Loony has gained valuable experience and insight into the profession and why it’s so important to the kids in our community. 

“For me, the most important thing in teaching is building relationships and it starts with just asking ‘How you are today?’,” Looney said. “You would be surprised what a student can accomplish if they think that you care about them.”

While Loony understands that academics play an important role in the development of every student, she also feels that seeing her students grow emotionally is vital as well.

“Seeing my students grow not only academically but also emotionally is the most rewarding part of teaching,” Looney said. “When students come back and visit or you see them outside of school and they are living productive lives and they say you helped me make it through school, that makes my heart happy.”

Thank you to Sandy Looney and all of our SCSD teachers for making a difference in our community. 

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